Dallas Riots - George Floyd

Photographs & Text By: Chris Rusanowsky

On May 29, 2020, The city of Dallas erupted in mass protests, as did many large cities around the country. A video went viral of a man named George Floyd being killed in public by Minneapolis Police. 

Dallas was one of the cities that faced days of protest and riots on city streets. Dallas Police used tear gas, rubber bullets, and pepper balls to control and disperse the crowds. In Dallas, the protest began peacefully without violence, men and women of all colors marched the streets chanting “No Justice, No Peace” and “Black Lives Matter.”

Police arrived with armored vehicles, guns, and riot gear to face off with the protests.

I witnessed a small group of demonstrators destroying police property in response to the Dallas Police Department’s aggressive appearance and actions. 

These protests were also violent between Police, the demonstrators, and the media. These images are witnessed to events that happened on May 29 and the 30th. Protesters chant the last words of George Floyd to the Police, “I Can’t Breathe.” On 05/30/2020, my coverage of these historical events was placed on hold.

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